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HTC Teases “Something Fast” for Mobile World Congress – But Number 5 is a Mystery..

As well as just announcing a range wide rebrand, Taiwanese-based HTC has just dropped a bit of Twitter teaser ahead of the Mobile World Congress which hits Barcelona from next Monday.

The tweet from the mobile maker says “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.” – Presumably acknowledging the time difference for some global HTC fans by saying Sunday and not Monday, when the show kicks off in Spain. which recently renamed a number of its upcoming 2012 line-up to “One” (Endeavour became One X, Ville became One S and more revealed – here) and attached to the post on the micro-blogging social site was a very basic, almost clip art like image of a non-descript smartphone with the number 5 appearing on the screen area.

Therein lay the mystery: We know the future of HTC mobiles will be backed by super-speedy super-powered quad-core processing – so this covers the “something fast” as mentioned in the tweet itself. But the 5 is a poser. Quad means four, so it’s not that. Perhaps 5 new gadgets will be outted at the MWC all featuring the four horse power NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip set which will be included in the Android-packing One X, One S and One XL? (a 7” tablet once known as the HTC Quattro) – or perhaps a gadget with a 5” display bridging the void between smartphone and tablet, muscling up to Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Note.

If the latter theory is true, and a mystery gadget is set to debut next week, we think we’d have heard or seen something by now. As seen many times before, HTC is hardly the best at keeping a secret.

This morning’s article was brought to you by the letters H T C and the number 5.

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