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HTC Possibly Developing Chromebook Style Device?

According to recent reports, it’s thought that HTC may be considering creating a new HTC notebook, with the idea of designing a device that will combine the best parts of both the Android and Chrome OS.

The report comes from The DigiTimes who are saying that component makers are suggesting that HTC is indeed considering taking this move and thus creating something that will sit nicely between being a tablet PC and a regular notebook.

Unsurprisingly any specifications of a device is far away, however component makers thoughts point to the possibility that a HTC “Chromebook” could potentially run the Chrome OS based on an ARM chipset, similar to Android devices. The benefits are predominately efficiency related, as using an alternative Intel chip tends to me more power-hungry.

As this report comes to light, both Acer and Samsung have started to cut the price of their own respective Chromebooks in a bid to try and stimulate consumer interest. And when DigiTimes contacted both companies to try and gage their thoughts on competition from HTC, neither company fancied making a comment.

Anyway, if we manage to obtain any more info about a possible upcoming Chrome based device from HTC you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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