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Over 50% of UK Android users own a HTC mobile

Who’s the Android host with the most? That’ll be HTC which has topped a UK data survey to record the top tech provider for mobile-owners running Google’s popular operating software. The Taiwanese co. has 50.9% of distribution of the OS with 3.2-million gadgets in use such as the Sensation, Desire and Wildfire.


Rival host Samsung, surprisingly, comes in dragging its heels with just 21% of all UK Android distribution despite having some pretty impressive handsets out there, like the must-have Galaxy S II. Percentage may not look much, but that does equate to around 1.3-million Samsung/Android gadgets in circulation.

Following the pack comes Sony Ericsson which has 14.2% of Android usage, with LG and Motorola barely making a mark with 3.5% and 2.1% respectively.  

The survey from ComScore also revealed that overall 19.7-million mobile owners across the whole of Europe were running Android on their gadgets.

To be fair, Samsung has received some critical blows as of late, no thanks to Apple. Which has relentlessly chased the Korean co. across the globe and slammed patent infringement bans on several products in the Samsung Galaxy range – products which rely on Google’s Android as an operating system.

HTC will look to take its successes further, with its collaboration with Beats bringing a new street-savvy smartphone in the form of the special edition Sensation XE – and not forgetting the Android handset event planned for September 20th which looks likely to see the reveal of a shiny new gem, the HTC Ruby.

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