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HTC Acquires Dashwire Cloud Storage Company

HTC. They’re the ones who get sued a lot, I hear you cry.

Well, in an effort to recoup some of that money lost to greedy lawyers thanks to a certain Cupertino firm and their patent shielding scheme, HTC has acquired Dashwire of Seattle, a company that does business in the area of device software backup, syncing and remote file access.

The acquisition will allow HTC customers to easily share documents, music and other important files between their mobile device and their PC, should HTC choose to implement Dashwire’s cloud storage expertise into their smartphones. Dashwire is also great at syncing other important mobile device data, including contacts, calendars messages and voicemail.

HTC hasn’t yet revealed the purpose behind their purchase, but it could mean that HTC Sense users could see some of these features arriving in the service later on.

In court-based terms it’s good too, since Dashwire owns a bunch of patents relating to mobile syncing, which means HTC has more ammo to fight against Apple’s relentless Android-worrying tactics.

The benefit is twofold; your HTC phone could be better and additionally you’ll be allowed to buy the replacement or upgrade in your country when it comes out without fear of Apple claiming your device has broken laws!

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