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HP reveals innovative ElitePad 900 Windows 8 tablet

Do you remember the intriguing looking tablet that HP teased in a promotional video not so long ago? Well, we need wonder no longer what that mystery tablet was, as HP has revealed it to be the ElitePad 900.

Running Windows 8, HP’s new tablet is aimed at both business users and your average joe, touting features to impress both types of customer. The ElitePad 900 rocks Intel’s latest X86 processors for power and a very impressive design.

Crafted from precision machined aluminium, HP’s new tablet is both stylish and pretty tough, with HP boasting ‘military grade durability’ for drops, dust resistance and usage in extreme temperatures and at extreme altitudes. Being aimed at the business user, they’ve also packed in enhanced security features.

The front of the tablet rocks a 10.1-inch high definition display which is covered in a sheet of tough Gorilla Glass 2 for scratchproofing and extra toughness. There’s a Full HD 1080p front facing camera for crisp video calls, and an 8-megapixel rear camera which should provide high quality stills and video.

Storage is speedy and reliable in the form of 32 or 64GB SSDs, while connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G for mobile browsing, with the option to share that signal by turning the ElitePad into a mobile hotspot.

Where HP hopes to differentiate its ElitePad 900 from the hordes of other Windows 8 tablets is something called ‘Smart Jackets’. Different Smart Jackets will be available to effectively bolster the ElitePad 900 as a laptop or complete mobile computing solution. These jackets are effectively cases, into which the tablet will slot and connect using its dock connection.

HP has already demonstrated the Productivity Jacket, which adds an integrated keyboard, SD card reader and various other connections to the tablet. There’s also an Expansion Jacket, which gives you USB, HDMI and other connections.

The ElitePad 900 will launch this January, although a price is yet to be given.

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