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How to Set Up Your Own PSN Account on a Pre-owned PS Vita

When Sony gave its brand new PS4 the full reveal at the recent E3 expo it was said that the portable PS Vita will form an important part of a PlayStation ‘eco-system’, linking all products in the current product family so they can all work in co-operation and enhance the PlayStation gaming and entertainment experience for the player. Of course, with this announcement, sales of PS Vita consoles have seen an increase with gamers grabbing both brand new and pre-owned handhelds off the high street shelves.

There are usually a few steps that need overcoming when setting up any games system for the first time before its ready to play with, be it brand new or pre-owned. One problem we have found through our Gadget Helpline support service is that buyers of pre-owned PS Vita consoles sometimes find the previous owner’s PlayStation Network account details are still locked onto  the device with no clear way of removing them!

Restoring the settings and a full PS Vita System Restore from the home screen seems to be to no avail and despite seeming to be the obvious route, the console will still only accept a PSN log in from its former master!

However, there is a sneaky hidden RECOVERY/SAFE MODE which can be used to get your portable pal working as if brand new – Just follow these steps!

1 – Completely Power off the PS Vita

2 – Press and hold the PS ButtonR Button and Power Button for 5 seconds together.

3 – RECOVERY MODE menu should appear

(If this looks similar to the regular restore menu you’ve already tried, keep following – trust us!)

4 – Using the D-Pad and X button, select Restore PS Vita System.
(Be aware this will delete all data from the PS Vita, if it’s just bought this should be no problem)

5 – PS Vita will restart with PS logo, then offer up the usual set-up questions (Country, Language, Wi-Fi)

6 – When asked for PSN account ID and password you should now be able to enter your own PSN account details.
(If you don’t already have a PSN Account pop over to uk.playstation.com to set one up in minutes)

7 – If this still doesn’t work it might be worth checking you’re using a clean memory card. If the memory card was bought pre-owned with the console then go through the previous steps once more to enter the Recovery Mode and select to Format Memory Card.

This will completely remove any trace of the previous owner and start you off with a fresh PS Vita – Just set-up and enjoy!

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  1. Brittany

    Thank you! This helped a lot pretty sad that it deleted my previously saved game but…I’ll make do and restart everything..

  2. Fun_MOM

    It works perfectly! I called the Microsoft support line they said we needed the original owner to delete the account, with your instructions its like brand new for my son!! Thank you so much!

  3. Christopher Guy

    Legend was going to get myself another 1 but tried this first!! Excellent crack bud

  4. Chris Price

    Great stuff, totally what I needed – SEN sends you around the houses so much. Legends!

  5. Karen rementer

    Well thanks this was an awesome help, and now my sons 14th bday is even better

  6. Gigidebiaks

    Many thanks. I was thinking of going to people who repair those Ps for help.
    Your help saved me time and money

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