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HMV will accept gift cards again from January 22nd

Following a considerable fallout, Deloitte, the administrator currently appointed for struggling high street retailer HMV, has confirmed that gift cards and vouchers will again be accepted as of tomorrow.

The company entered administration last week, and shortly afterwards the company revealed that it could no longer accept gift cards and vouchers, and in most cases, returns or refunds. However, after taking a look at HMV’s finances, Deloitte has confirmed that gift currency will be accepted from January 22nd.

Due to the company’s temporary stance on gift cards and vouchers several reports of angry customers began to filter through, with one particular story highlighting a gentleman who walked out of a HMV store with three games after having his gift card refused.

Within just a week several companies have been linked with a buyout of the ailing company, with the most surprising candidate being Game, who itself was forced to close some stores not that long ago due to falling profits. It’s also rumoured that a group of music and film labels will lobby together to bail out the company, with the likes of Sony and Universal Music said to be on board.

It seems that things are slowly starting to look up for HMV, and with any luck we won’t be seeing another high street name go the same way of Jessops and Comet.

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