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Harry Potter Enhanced Editions Now Available on iTunes

Harry Potter has become such a huge popular culture phenomenon in its 18 years as both a published series of fantasy novels and as a film franchise, beloved by fans of all ages. It’s also hard to believe the recent reminder that the bespectacled wizard’s eldest son would himself be old enough to start at Hogwarts this past September. Time flies, and you don’t even need a broomstick or a time-turner.

Technology has also come a long way since those novels were first published and now, with the help of their writer J.K Rowling they’ve been repackaged for the digital age with a new Enhanced Edition of each of the seven Harry Potter titles now available through iTunes.

Downloadable for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac computers, the Harry Potter Enhanced Editions spans Harry, Hermione and Ron’s adventures in year one with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone all the way up the climactic two book finale Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2. Each costs £6.99 individually and the interactive books all contain the original text along with new annotations from the author available, as if by magic, with a tap or a click – as well as artwork and animations which help illustrate the stories and bring them to life on page like never before.

Other charming features about the Harry Potter Enhanced Editions are choice of custom covers and a selection of fantastical typefaces to read them in, making each person’s copy unique. Initially these books are available to the UK and USA in English language, with more languages and regions getting them soon after.

Rowling herself understands the influence and importance of tech and social media and in 2012 along with Sony launched Pottermore – an online network for young fans to enjoy previously unpublished writing and continue the legendary tales of Harry and pals in a safe and interactive platform. Members of Pottermore were first to find out about the elaborate new e-books ahead of all other muggles.

Source: Pottermore

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