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Halloween costume created by Apple iPad 2 – Gory guy gets gutted by gadget!

Before you call 999, let us tell you that this tech fan hasn’t really been gored through to his core – it’s simply an ingenious use of two Apple iPad 2 tablets and the onboard Facetime feature cleverly put together a really awesome Halloween costume!

The creepy costume includes the two Apple slabs strapped to the fellow’s torso within a horrific and bloody wound outline. The front facing camera on each iPad 2 relays the image it sees on the touchscreen and gives the illusion that the guy has been skewed leaving a gaping hole right through him!  

It’s a really cool effect at a passing glance, but of course, the iPad only films in front or behind the chap, so focus too hard and you’ll notice the image you see on the iPad isn’t really perfect. But 10 points for effort – but we think we’ll stick to a pair of mirrors and some gaffer tape rather than risking ruin to our expensive gadgets!

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