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Second Grand Theft Auto V trailer now available to watch

Rockstar Games has well and truly kept its promise of more GTA V content this month, and has just unleashed a second full-length feature trailer for the massively anticipated game.

After learning about the game’s three protagonists and its fictional Los Angeles setting, the trailer gives us a lengthy glimpse into the violence-filled and exciting world that is Grand Theft Auto five.

There’s plenty to take away from the second trailer that’ll leave you feeling even more excited than before – the gorgeous Audi R8 Spyder knock-off, the stripped out dune buggy, the wild animals, the planes, scramble bike races – we could go on.

What’s very interesting is to hear Michael refer to the junky lunatic Trevor as his best friend, and the young hustler Franklin as the son he never had. It seems these three crims will have a tight relationship throughout the game, which is very exciting.

We’ll let you enjoy the trailer for yourself in all its glory below.

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