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Google Updates Gmail and Maps Web Apps

Google have just started to roll out a new update to both the Gmail and Maps web apps.

The new update in Gmail focuses on the Spam folder. Google say that it one of the key reasons user love using Gmail instead of other webmail services that are available online. The update will now inform you exactly why mail you receive may be put in the spam folder, along with the possibility to learn more about potentially harmful content that may exist within the message.

With phishing attempts becoming ever more common due to users not fully understanding and distinguishing between genuine and fake malicious emails, this new tool from Google should hopefully prove to be very informative.

Along with updated Gmail, Google have also made updates to the extremely popular Google Maps web app.  The update for Google Maps focuses on enhancing and improving the quality of more than a thousand 3D landmarks around the world. Google say that landmarks make it much easier to navigate unknown areas, and by improving the quality of these landmarks in Google Maps it should allow users to work out their location and plan routes more efficiently. Check below for an example of how the images have been improved.

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