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Google Announces New Mapping Technologies For Google Maps

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Google has today showed off a brand new mapping technology which is hoped will be widely used by users and developers and reaffirm Google’s position as a market leader.

Currently the search engine giant boasts around 1 billion users that frequently use the company’s Google Maps, however concerns have been raised recently at the possibility of key partners and developers moving away from the service offered and adopting a new one or developing their own instead.

One of those key companies is Apple. It has been reported that the Cupertino Company may decide to move away from using Google Maps and instead may announce they are developing their own mapping application.

So, quite possibility in a bid to distract away from these recent rumours, Google held an event in San Francisco dedicated to previewing upcoming mapping features and reminding everyone what the company has achieved over the last 10 years when it comes to digital mapping.

Some of the stand-out features announced at the event that are coming soon to Google Maps includes enhanced 3D within Google Earth, along with a new portable device that will allow the capture of panoramic photos to be used with “street view”, and finally offline access to Google Maps when used on an Android device.

Google’s new enhanced 3D is achieved using Google Imagery, which the company says is the most sophisticated 3D rendering method to date. It makes use of an automated process that is able to generate very detailed models using 45-degree aerial photos. Google has even hired a fleet of planes to do the job too, with the final result allowing users to zoom in to three-dimensional cityscapes as well as being able to view the top and side level views of buildings.

Peter Birch, program manager for Google Maps, has said that the new enhanced 3D will be available for both Android and iOS versions of the app within a matter of weeks. Google also said that it will be bringing the new 3D imagery to desktops as well later on this year.

By the end of the year Google anticipates that around 300 million users will be able to view their towns and cities using this technology, with Mr Birch indicating that both American and International cities would be part of the initial rollout.

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