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Google+ Social Network goes live to the Public

Well the time is finally here, popping on over to Google.co.uk or Google.com at the moment will bring you to a slightly questionable Google Doodle today involving a mighty blue arrow pointing towards the top left of your screen…But what does it mean?

Well Ladies and Gents, Google’s previously closed Beta testing of its Google+ Social Network has now finished, as Google+ has gone live to everyone.

The public launch has come 2 months after the service was launched on a closed beta trial to invites only (we had ours!) and is now officially live for anyone in the world and will be partially set up already if you have a Gmail, iGoogle or any other type of Google account.

Even though Google+ has been in the testing stages, it has been touted as the fastest social network growth ever with the first month of its closed trial seeing 25 million users (1 million of which are from the UK) sign up to the service. In comparison to its competition, it took Facebook over 3 years to hit the 25 million and it took the same amount for Twitter to hit the 25 million mark. Shockingly though Myspace, fared a little better by getting to 25 million in just two years, but these are all totally diminished by Google+’s super rise.

Our opinion is mixed about Google+ but if you have a Google account already it surely is a great service, and with Facebook doing its best to add the whole internet to your homepage, Google may just be the new place to be for everyone to just hang out.

If you do have a Google Account, check out our Gadget HELP! Get Facebook photos onto Google+ via PC or Laptop (the easy way)! article.

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