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Google Reveals its Augmented Reality Goggles With Project Glass

Google has finally lifted the lid on the augmented reality glasses project we’ve been hearing about, and it looks AWESOME. Say hello to Project Glass.

The company’s top secret [x] labs have been working on the project for some time, and the result is what you see the handsome chap above wearing – a very stylish, minimalist pair of glasses that integrate all of Google’s tech in a clever heads-up-display.

A video has been released along with some classy shots of attractive people wearing the eyewear, to give us an idea of what this type of technology can do for us. In the video we see integration with Android smartphones, Google Maps, Latitude, Music and tons more.

The tech is still in early days and Google says the pictures are merely designs and not the final product, but that doesn’t stop us wanting some right now.

Project Glass aims to take hands-free to the next level, putting notifications and a simple interface right in front of your eyes using the glasses. It also seems to integrate with voice, as we see in the video when the lucky tester simply speaks requests aloud, such as “book tickets to a show” and “get directions”.

The tech has gotten us extremely excited for what Google could create to compliment Android smartphones and tablets. Although you might feel a bit foolish at first wearing strange goggles and speaking random things aloud in public, it’ll certainly save you walking into that lamppost or poor old lady while you’re walking down the street, head in phone trying to send a text.

We’re told the glasses contain a front-facing camera, which helps to obtain information on your location and feed it through to the screen in front of your eyes, augmented reality style. We also see the user in the video tell the eyewear to take a photo, so it looks as though the eyewear is capable of taking quick snaps to share via Google+. It’s currently not clear if the eyewear will contain its own data connection or will require pairing with an Android smartphone to get online.

Check out Google’s teaser video below and join us in saying: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

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