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Google Reader data removed on July 15th – How to backup your RSS data

We are now 2 days into a post Reader-lyptic world where tech heads and professionals are still getting used to a Google Reader-free future. If you are still twiddling your thumbs, deciding just what replacement RSS feed service to use, then heed this warning: You only have 2 weeks to get your data from Google Reader before it closes… permanently.

Currently most Reader alternatives are offering a simple to use transfer process from Reader to a new service (Feedly, Digg Reader and others). These use the old Reader to quickly duplicate your feeds into the new service.

However, you will need to either export this data soon or lose it forever as Google will be closing down the service for good on July 15th, which also includes clearing out users’ saved data. The tomb will be sealed and all your feeds, stars and notes will be deleted.

To download and export your reader data:

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/takeout/
  2. Click Choose Services
  3. Click Reader
  4. Click Create Archive
  5. The archive will load. When done click Download
  6. Save your files locally to your PC or Mac

That’s it, it’s that simple. Once you have these files you can import them into pretty much any RSS reader you wish at any point, so backup now before the 15th arrives.

Check out our suggestions for a few Google Reader alternatives here… we’re currently getting along well with Feedly!

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