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Google+ Project: We’re in! Retweet one of our articles to get an invite!

So the Gadget Helpline finally got to board the invite-only social locomotive that is Google+. This means we’ve got a handful of invites to give away!
Google+ is set to bring back the social element that is currently lacking from other networks, allowing our more intimate connections to be prioritised – so we can share conversation and items of interest with our family, and close friends +Circles, or share specific interests or +Sparks with likeminded folk of the online community. All this along with video chat +Hangouts and instant uploads for all your photo memories makes Google+ an interesting prospect.

You may know that the Google+ invites were temporarily put on hold, due to the “insane demand” but they’ve been brought back and if you want to get into the most exclusive social event online, simply follow us on our official Gadget Helpline Twitter (@gadget_helpline). Once there retweet one of our articles and if you’re lucky enough we will get in touch via DM to give you your Google+ invite!

This is very limited so act fast to get your invite! The Gadget Helpline is waiting for you on Google+!

Find out the full lowdown on Google+ by reading our article entitled Keeping it Real!

Let us know your thoughts on this or any of our articles by leaving a comment here on the Blog or sending your tweets and comments to the Official Gadget Helpline Twitteras well as our Official Facebook page!

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