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Google Play Store (Formerly Android Market) Gets Update to Version 3.5.15

Early last week the Android Market went through a much unexpected change, becoming known as the Google Play Store. The initial updates have been rolling out to our Android smartphone and tablets and the rebrand is well under way, with little notable difference to the way the store operates.

Already Google is whizzing out updates which tweak the interface a little bit and bring in a few new additions. Today Android users are starting to get notified to yet another update, this time to version 3.5.15

One added feature coming with the 3.5.15 update affects the “My Apps” section, which now includes tabs showing which apps you’ve installed and by swiping you can also see the ones that have downloaded but are not yet running on your gadget, as well as a kind of account history. There’s also an “Unlock” setting which can be toggled and you can switch between multiple Google accounts.

The Android Market has been reborn as the Google Play Store to cater for the incoming wave of multimedia content with music, books, movies, apps, and games all available through the one app store. To promote the transition, Google have been offering a selection of these apps for just 49p!


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