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Google Play Will Soon Be Offering Audio Books And Magazines

If you have an Android device, I’m sure you’ll be aware that the Android Market app has updated and changed its name to Google Play, a new one stop shop for users to buy content for their Android devices.

Currently users are able to purchase apps, books and rent movies from the Play Shop, and for users in the US also purchase music as well. However, it has also been revealed this week that Google are planning on allowing users to purchase audio books as well as magazines directly from the Play Shop as well.

As the moment no official announcement has been made by Google, although it seems that the Google Play help pages may have inadvertently revealed the new additions -due to the fact that there is dedicated (currently empty) sections titled ‘Audio Books’ and ‘Magazines and journals’. Also, according to other tech blogs, Google have also been registering various domain names with the words Google Play, Magazines and Audio books as well.

If Google are indeed readying plans to implement this content into Google Play it will allow Android users to have a similar service to the Newsstand app available for Apple iOS users. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of official announcement soon, and be able to see exactly what will be on offer. And as always, as soon as we have any additional info, you can be assured we’ll let you know.

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