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New Google Nexus 7 to Arrive in July?

One of the biggest things missing from last week’s Google I/O event was the expected next generation of Google Nexus devices, which did not make an appearance. With the original Google Nexus 7 tablet being announced the year prior at the same event, it was widely expected that Google would be releasing an updated device at the same time a year on.

However, just because Google didn’t show it off at the I/O event it doesn’t mean that the new tablet isn’t coming!.Reports are coming in from Digitimes that claims electronics manufacturer Elan Microelectronics (a Taiwanese supplier of integrated circuitry for touchscreen devices) has started shipping touchscreen circuit boards for the new Nexus 7 devices.

This reportedly is so that Google can have devices ready for a July release this summer!

There have been numerous amounts of new Nexus tablet rumours in recent months and the original Nexus 7 certainly does have room for a few improvements – no micro SD card slot, rear camera or HDMI out), as well as standard processor and screen improvements.

Many also think that the next iteration of the Android OS will also be released on the tablet, whether that’s Jelly Bean 4.3 or the long awaited Key Lime Pie OS.

Obviously there is no word from Google and other than a few leaks and rumours the next generation of Nexus tablets is still all just speculation, but hopefully we will see a new device in July to follow on from Google’s excellent Nexus 7.

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