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Google Maps Not Gone From Apple iOS 6 – VP Hints Availability on App Store?

With the announcement of the iPhone and iPad’s new software, iOS 6, it’s clear that Apple wants to break dependency on its rivals by replacing the handy Google Maps app with a new location and direction software of its own design.

Google still appears to be reluctant to leave the platform, if the comments of its Senior VP of Commerce & Local are anything to go by.

Speaking via his account on the Google+ social site, Jeff Huber applauded the work of the team behind the enthralling yet slightly creepy Street View feature of Google Maps; the one that photo maps almost every inch of our world to provide online explorers (or stalkers) panoramic views of Global destinations (or our homes). In the Google VP’s social shout out he remarks “We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.” – Hang on a minute!

What does this mean? There’s no doubt that a number of Google Maps users running Apple’s iOS on their smartphone or tablet will be disappointed by the news that the trusty third party app will no longer be a fixture, so perhaps Jeff Huber’s comment means that Google will be making the software available as an app download on the App Store?

With no further word to clarify the unexpected announcement, this one’s left purely to the imagination at present but Gadget Helpline will continue to keep our readers updated with all news on the iOS 6 update and Google Maps.

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