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Google to launch upgraded Nexus 10 at MWC

Bad news, Nexus 10 owners! According to Bright Side of News, your shiny new Android 4.2 tablet may soon be out-dated.

You know how, despite the impressive dual-core ARM A15 chipset of the Nexus 10, the amazing resolution and pixel density of the tablet kept it from feeling like a real step above in terms of speed? Well, it looks like Google are fixing that problem.

Bright Side of News claims to have spent some time with a prototype version of the new Nexus and stated that “the performance difference in popular benchmarks was night and day” between the old and new versions. According to the website, that’s because Samsung has upgraded the graphics chip used from the Mali T604 to a Mali T678 – a much faster GPU which has 8 GPU cores and runs at a higher clock speed. The site also claims that the tablet will come with a quad-core version of the A15 chipset that should also provide a lot more raw power to push all the pixels required.

While the site mentions that the earliest we’d possibly see the new tablet is the Mobile World Congress, this seems a little unlikely. After all, it’s only been a few months since the Nexus 10’s introduction and there’s still a Google I/O event scheduled for May.

I’d put my bets on the revamped Nexus 10 showing up there, if it does anywhere. We may also some other upgrades at the Google I/O event, given that there’s a Nexus 7.7 tablet and Nexus 5 smartphone rumoured to appear, on top of that long awaited Nexus 4 wireless charger.

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