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Google invites us to July 11th launch – Motorola X Phone launch planned?

Google has sent out a small number of invites, asking tech press to its California headquarters over the space of two days. What’s in store? Well, one of the invited believes the event will signal the launch of the long-rumoured Moto X Phone.

Leo Laporte, a famous and award winning tech reporter and broadcaster, was amongst 50 or so invited to the event. He says that Motorola will launch the X Phone at the event, which will take place over July 10th-11th and will see the invitees split into two groups.

Whilst he believes that the event is due to be focussed on Motorola’s biggest Android smartphone launch in a while, he also holds back and believes there to be a small chance that the event is for something “silly” – his words.

July 11th also marks another major tech event, with Nokia hosting in New York City. There, the Finnish company is very likely to reveal the new Nokia Lumia 909 – a 41 megapixel smartphone running Windows Phone 8. With this in mind, Motorola may try to steal the limelight with Google’s backing. On the other hand, it may shy away and select a day where there’s no chance of anyone else sharing the spotlight.

Motorola recently published a couple of new adverts, including the one above. It features the new company logo and two people jumping off a dock. It’s quite easy to see that they’re forming shapes with their limbs, and they spell out ‘XI’, which is 11 in roman numerals. This suggests that Motorola will play some part in the festivities at Google’s event, further prompting suspicion that a new phone is waiting to be revealed.

The Motorola X Phone is said to run the very latest version of Android and sport a 720p HD display which is around the 4.5-4.7-inch size mark.

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