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Patent Revealed for Google’s Project Glass Shows Addition of Trackpad Touch Controls

Boss of the internet and software giant Google Larry Page recently stepped onto the stage at the Zeitgeist end of year event in London, sporting a prototype of the company’s single spectacled hardware currently known as “Project Glass”.

As Page addressed the “Googlers” in attendance and watching the show on YouTube he talked a little about the AR (augmented reality) gadget and appeared to be reaching up to the side of the monocle to tinker with something that we never really saw close up and wasn’t fully explained. However, the CEO did claim to have taken a photo with a simple tap of the frame.

A patent filed by Google, and now outed by a number of online sources, reveals that Project Glass does in fact include a previously hidden function – it’ll feature touch control in addition to voice and vision.

The design submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows a trackpad for multiple point of touch, tapping and scrolling which will indeed let us focus on objects we wish to photograph and also allow us to flip through emails that will appear before our very eye when we don the device.

We were previously in the belief that Google’s goggles would offer a hands-free functionality, but as this patent shows, that’s sadly not going to be true. We’re still look forward to following this innovative and slightly offbeat gadget from Google which currently has no consumer launch date.  We covered the Project Glass announcement back in May and our previous article has full details.

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