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Google I/O 2014: Google Fit Platform announced to take on Apple HealthKit?

The mobile world is full of health apps, products and services, this is a market dominated by Samsung and Apple and a few others but Google has decided that they also want a slice of this healthy pie. Google have unveiled a service called Google Fit that will manage health and fitness data generated by a host of app and wearable tech.

The idea behind Google’s healthy offering is to generate a full and concise overview of data collected about your diet, weight, heart rate and so on so that you can manage your progress (or regression) through as ‘more comprehensive app’. By making a wholesome app that encompasses all aspects of dieting, fitness and general health Google aims to make all you information more accessible to you and to save you from hopping from one app to another.

Currently this service is aimed at developers rather than consumers like you and I and is obviously geared towards competing with Apple and Samsung’s’ offerings – HealthKit and Sami.

All of these app, for all intents and purpose, as pretty much the same but Google has named a number of apps that they will be integrating. The big names mentioned were Nike+, Adidas and Runkeeper. In addition to this Google have said they will be working with Mio to integrate the information gained from their wristband with integrated heart monitor.

The questions I have are, do we really need another fitness app in this already crowded market and do we really want Google to collect even more information on what we do and how we behave?

For more information on Google Fit, start the video from around 2:16.

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