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Google Earth to document hidden Amazon Rainforest village

Following fantastic views of popular tourist sites across Europe, including the Colosseum of Rome and the Château de Fontainebleau of France, Google plans to take us for a walk on the wild side – presenting the world with a never-before-seen look at the tiny village of Tunbira, deep within the Amazon rainforest through its stunning Google Earth platform.

For a geographically challenged type like myself, I was amazed to even hear there’s a community deep in the heart of the vast Brazilian forest land. And Google’s intention is just that – educating Google Earth users of the state of civilization inside the endangered ecosystem. Google has been invited to photograph and detail the community environment by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and will use Google Earth to share a never-before-documented looks at the Amazonian hamlet of Tunbira in the same “walk-around” 3D imaging that was used earlier this year in presenting the London landmarks on the Royal Wedding carriage route.

Education Co-ordinator for the FSA says “One thing we always want people to know is that the Amazon is not only about trees and biodiversity” adding “it’s also about people, and communities here and sustainable living of these communities.”

It’s not the first time that Google Earth has been used specifically to educate and inform on themes of ecology and community. In April the incredibly detailed satellite mapping software helped the aide efforts following the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Google and Amazon working hand-in-hand – Who’da thunk it!   

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