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Google Doodle celebrates Nobel prize winner & discoverer of Vitamin C

Most of us are familiar with the Google ‘Doodle’ – a celebration of a world famous event which sees the G transform their usually pretty boring website logo into a visual treat and an artistic spectacle for just one day. Pop over to Google’s search page today and you’ll see the latest fruity tweak to the logo which celebrates the birthday of Hungarian physiologist, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of Vitamin C, Albert Szent-Györgyi.


Szent-Györgyi was born this day in 1893 in Budapest and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937 for the discovery of Vitamin C in oranges (hence fruity theme) and the citric acid cycle on some fruits. He was also part of the Hungarian Resistance during World War II and later switched ‘trades’ and became involved in his home nations politics.

Without the physiologist’s discovery of Vitamin C we wouldn’t know about one of the essential nutrients used in our bodies for healing, improving our immune system and defending against disease. Quite important factors, that are often taken for granted.

Eat an orange today as a thank you to Albert – and check out that Google Doodle!

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