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Google to Cut 4000 Jobs at Motorola’s Worldwide Offices

Google’s recently purchased company Motorola might be having a bit of a tough time in recent months and it would seem that things are not going to get better as Google are looking to re-structure the smartphone manufacturer and in the process cut up to 4,000 jobs.

In a report coming from The Wall Street Journal and AllThingsD, it’s stated that the cut will be coming from the worldwide offices, and from the 4,000 jobs, nearly two thirds will be from outside of the US in a bid to streamline and centralise the company.

Late last year Google purchased Motorola for a cool $12.5bn and since the initial purchase things have been quiet on the partnership front, but it would seem that Google have been working out ways to lower the cost of the business and streamline Motorola into its existing offices

Rumours hint that Motorola will now only be focusing on making ultra high-end smartphones with the obvious choice of Google’s Android smartphone software. We can expect in the future to see the flagship Google phones made by Motorola instead of Samsung, like last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset.

The company recently unveiled its Motorola Razr Maxx, which has an enhanced battery life that will see the phone as one of the longest lasting smartphones on the Android market, and today Motorola announced that the Ice Cream Sandwich update had started rolling out to European Razr and Razr Maxx phones.

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Source: The Guardian

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