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Google Chrome Topples Internet Explorer to Become World’s Most Popular Browser

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Well, the day has finally arrived. According to the latest stat info obtained from StatCounter it would appear that Google’s Chrome browser has now overtaken the once dominant Internet Explorer to become the world’s most popular web browser.

This is something we have kept an eye on for the last couple of years, and sort of expected to happen at some point. The browser has done well since day one when the beta version was launched back in September 2008, and since then Chrome has seen a rapid growth in popularity and has pretty much increased its market share every time the stats have been released.

Although, the last few months haven’t been as easy for Chrome; back on March 18th the browser briefly became the number 1 browser but Internet Explorer managed to hold on and took back the top spot. However, the month of May looks to be the first month that Google’s Chrome will completely topple Internet Explorer from the top spot.

As you may be aware, Google has been focusing on advertisement of its web products such as Chrome. Now, in years gone by you wouldn’t have seen an internet browser being advertised on the TV, however it seems to be working for Google and just recently we’ve seen Microsoft taking a similar approach by advertising its new IE9 browser on the telly. Again, it may be doing the job considering that the latest stats for the company’s Internet Explorer 9 browser suggest that it is also seeing a steady increase in usage, mainly over the weekends.

It certainly seems like it will be a heated race for browser dominance, and so it should be interesting to see whether Chrome will be able to keep the top spot for long. Watch this space!

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