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Google Android devices hit 500 Million with 1.3 million new devices daily

Today may well be an Apple-centric day (and apparently FIFA Demo Day!) in the tech world but Apple’s main rival, Android, is also keen to remind everyone just why Apple is having to try so hard at the moment.

Google has announced some big ol’ figures ahead of the new iPhone 5 announcement surrounding just how many Google Android OS sporting devices are currently being used across the globe.

Google has boasted that the Android OS has hit over 500 million activated devices with a humongous 1.3 million new devices adding to that total every day.

The last time that Google announced their figures was back at the end of June when they had hit the 400 million devices mark, and now just two month later the company has hit the big half a billion.

Google also announced that back in February that the devices had sold 300 million devices on sale that shows that sales of the Android sporting devices are accelerating across the year. Obviously after today these figure will slow as Apple will be announcing their new iPhone 5 smartphone to the world which will see the enviable yearly spike in Apple sales take back some of the market.

Google has had a good year with some of its partnerships, including Samsung, who have released the mega Galaxy S3 smartphone as well as Google themselves releasing the Google Nexus 7 tablet and updating devices to their latest Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS.

And in more Google Jelly Bean news, Google has replaced the Jelly Bean statue that is situated outside of the Google HQ in Mountain View, California, after the original clear-tubed Jelly Bean statue melted under the hot Californian sun.

The new Android robot with Jelly Bean innards stands in his place to celebrate the current Android OS.

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