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Google+ Adds Pin Feature to Profiles

Do you remember Google+? It was the social network that was a bit like Facebook (but also wasn’t) that encouraged you to create ‘circles’ of your friends and favourite contacts with the intention of specifically tailoring timelines that suit your interests and all aspects of life.

Yes, that Google+ (or Google Plus, if you rather)

Now it’s updated to allow you to pin your most important posts to the top of your profile making sure anybody checking out your social hotspot can see what you want to show off in your life – be it holiday snaps, a change in relationship or news of a big promotion. It’s kind of like what Facebook allowed you to do with your statuses about five years ago and now allows you to do with highlights, and of course also borrows a bit from sticky social site Pinterest.

In fairness, after first appearing as a bit of a fad and suffering somewhat of an exodus, Facebook contender Google+ has stood the test of time and has witnessed steady growth over its three years (540 million active users when counted in 2013) and has becoming the second most populated social network and a more controlled and work safe environment as opposed to its leading rival. For now.

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The new feature has now been added to desktop, Android and iOS versions of Google+ so go revisit it and get pinning! Full details here.

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