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Goodbye Android – Original Galaxy Gear Smartwatch To Be Updated To Tizen

Samsung are trying to spruce up their original Galaxy Gear smartwatch by rolling out an updated software version to replace the Andriod software currently in use. The operating system known as Tizen will be introduced on the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch to bring it back up to date and keep it competitive with the rest of the devices on the market.

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Aesthetically, there aren’t really any major differences between the two operating systems; but there are when it comes to performance. Tizen has a vastly improved battery life, faster performance and customisable shortcuts. It also has the ability to store music on the device itself with its standalone music player and also has voice command features; All this to increase the functionality of the original Galaxy Gear to that of the Gear 2 and other newer smartwatches.

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If you do happen to have an original Galaxy Gear then all you’d need to do to update your device would be to connect it to Samsung Kies and it will update automatically. It will however delete everything off the watch so back up anything first when you get to the warning screen.

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