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Gold & diamond encrusted iPhone 5 is world’s most expensive phone

iPhones are well known for being a little more expensive than other smartphones, but some are more expensive than others. Case in point is this gold and diamond encrusted iPhone 5 hand-made by Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes over a period of nine weeks. The phone, which is called the ‘Special Luxuries Edition’, costs £10,000,000 – about $15.3 million.

The high price is due to the extremely high quality and quantities of precious minerals used in the construction of the phone. The outside casing is made of 24 carat gold, while the home button is a 26 carat black diamond. The Apple logo is made up of 53 white diamonds, which also make up the corners of the iPhone case. In all, 600 precious stones were used.

The phone will be going to a businessman based in China, who owned the black diamond used for the home button. Sadly, in only a matter of months the phone will be made obsolete by the release of the iPhone 5S – perhaps it might have been an idea to wait a little longer?

If you’d like a luxurious iPhone yourself but you don’t have £10 million pounds on hand, then there’s hope – you can get a simpler gold version of the phone for a mere £22,000, although it’s not known whether you have to provide your own iPhone for that price.

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