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The Glove One: Handy Mobile Phone that You Actually Wear on Your Hand!

Want to become more in touch with your tech, all the while feeling a little bit like a socially connected Iron Man? Then you might like the Glove One concept – it’s a handy wearable gadget that lets you take and make calls just like a smartphone.

Slip in a SIM card and slip the Glove One on your hand and you’ll have the power to access to calls on the move literally in the palm of your hand, with the bends in our inner fingers housing rubberised numerical keys (not digital or display ones) these to be pressed by the opposite hand to dial up a friend. Calls can then be heard and spoken by making the universally recognised hand gesture for “call me” and raising your digits to your ear and mouth receivers in the glove will deliver the message. It’s a pretty bonkers idea that needs to be seen to be believed.

Augmenting ourselves to better the relationship between man and machine is an ever growing idea and we’d much rather be seem wearing this sci-fi inspired mobile communications gadget than to inject our skin with Bluetooth responsive vibrating ink as Nokia recently proposed – much to the dismissive amusement of tech industry peers. We love Android gadgets, but really don’t think we’re ever like to actually become an Android!

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