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Giant NES Controller Appears in London to Launch Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

The iconic and legendary controller for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has been spotted in London’s Liverpool Street tube station. Which in itself is a confusing sight, a controller for a game system which launched over 26 years ago, being discovered in one of modern Britain’s busiest Underground stops? And let’s not forget – this thing is freaking enormous!

30 times the size of the classic NES console’s control method, the 18 stone slab of gaming gadgetry is part of the promotion for the Guinness Book of World Records new Gamer’s Edition, which is released for sale today. The book does away with the traditional trials such as most baked beans in a bath tub or fastest recorded ferret, covering instead the more important facts, detailing the achievements of gamers and the top ranking games of the past 12 months as well as all time in much more specific details than they are in the original hardcover.

The first edition of the annual spin-off Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer’s Edition was released in 2008 and today is celebrated with the massive Nintendo replica that includes all the familiar features of the original, from D-Pad to two button control, alongside Start and Select. It’s created by British Engineering Design students and is worth £4000. Best of all, the controller is hooked up to NES console meaning commuters have been working together to master the pad and enjoy some Super Mario action – taking multiplayer co-op gaming to a whole new extreme!

Nintendo looks to take games control to a new level with the HD touchscreen tablet controller to compliment its next system the Wii U. Read the Gadget Helpline’s latest news about the controversial console – Here.

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