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Gamers will be able to try out the PS4 before November, Sony says

Eager gamers with hopes of getting an early glimpse of the PlayStation 4 ahead of its November launch may well have just had their prayers answered by Sony USA  boss Jack Tretton.

Sony hopes to show off the console to its fans before putting it on sale late in the year, and so there’s a chance that we may be able to even play with it before it hits the shops in time for Christmas.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Tretton confirmed that “most people” will be able to get their hands on the PS4 earlier in the year. “We know who our consumers are and we’re going to get it to them,” he said in a video interview.

“People will have opportunities to play it” said Tretton when asked if consumers will get an early look at the new console. He confirmed that E3 will be the biggest event for the console and that there will be playable games there at the show for those fortunate enough to be attending to try out. E3 isn’t an event that everyone can go to of course, but we’re assured that there will be opportunities for the regular consumer to play the console before it ships in November.

When questioned about the lack of the console itself at the event, Tretton explained that Sony wanted to hit its core audience of gamers and show off the games and what the console is capable of. It wasn’t trying to sell the console at the event last week and merely wanted to unveil it to generate excitement.

Unfortunately Mr Tretton wouldn’t go into any specifics with regards to when, where and how fans will be able to get hands-on with the console. We would expect the console to appear at big tech shows in the second half of the year, including gamescom in Germany, which takes place August 21-25. Hopefully Sony will also do some sort of roadshow, taking the console around the world and showing it off at shopping malls and special events all over the place.

How badly do you want to try out the PS4?

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