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Galaxy S3 is the Name for Samsung’s ‘Next Galaxy’ – Revealed in Samsung Unpacked App

Samsung has recently had plenty of fun teasing us with a countdown timer and promotional video for ‘the next Galaxy’ – a product that many hope will be the third iteration of the flagship Galaxy smartphone, but still don’t know exactly what it is.

Thanks to a (probably purposeful) slip-up by Samsung, we now know that the device will be known as the Galaxy S3.

Every year ahead of a major new product release, Samsung launches a new ‘Mobile Unpacked’ app for Android, and this year is no different. Samsung mobile UNPACKED 2012 has just hit the Google Play Store, and there are several clues hinting at the name of the product within the app’s description.

Within the keywords section we see ‘S3’ and ‘Galaxy S3’ – proof if we ever needed it that Samsung is definitely unveiling the phone we’ve been hoping for on May 3rd.

What is strange, however, is the absence of the roman numeral system used with the Galaxy S II – there’s no mention of ‘Galaxy S III’ in the keywords – perhaps Samsung is dropping this naming style in favour of simple numbers.

Samsung teased us with the first video linked to the phone just yesterday, although it didn’t give us much to go on. Apparently the next Galaxy will fit seamlessly into the palm of your hand and “finally” allow us to “stand out from the crowd” – more than likely a stab at Apple and its iPhone users.

One thing’s for sure – we’ll find out everything in just 9 days – that is if somebody doesn’t leak more information before then.

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