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Galaxy Mini 2 not getting Jelly Bean update, Samsung says

After originally saying that the dinky and affordable Galaxy Mini 2 would be getting a boost in the form of the Android Jelly Bean update, Samsung appears to have gone back on its word.

The Korean tech company revealed a long list of its Galaxy devices which would be getting the coveted Jelly Bean update, way back in September of last year. Most of the phones and tablets on that list have since been updated, but Galaxy Mini 2 owners have been left waiting.

A recent tweet from Samsung’s Spanish division, @SamsungMobileES, confirmed that the update has been canned. Our Spanish isn’t the best, but the tweet replies to a question from a Galaxy Mini 2 owner about the update, saying that it will not be coming to the phone as Samsung cannot create the best user experience possible with it.

If we’re honest, we were surprised to see the Mini II on the list back in September. Jelly Bean is usually reserved for high-end phones and capable mid-rangers, and the Mini II falls into the entry level category below both. Its 800MHz single core processor and 512MB of RAM will likely lead to the phone becoming rather slow and sluggish once Jelly Bean gets installed, which is certainly worse than not actually getting the update in the first place.

The handset will continue to run on Android Gingerbread 2.3.6, which is the version it arrived with back in March of last year.

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