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Christmas Gadget Gift Guide: Air Swimmers

The Gadget Helpline is here to help you with the annual nightmare that comes when trying to find that ideal present for someone special this Christmas! We’ve taken a sneak peak into Santa’s workshop to deliver you with our top tips for great gadget gifts and terrific tech toys in time to bring a smile to someone’s face on the big day!

This week we feature a truly imaginative toy that has been inspiring awe with both the young and old over in the United States. Now available in the UK, combining a simple helium balloon with a remote control system, inflatable fish come to life with Air Swimmers.

Air Swimmers come in two versions, a Shark and and Clown Fish (or ‘Nemo’ fish – as has become a popular term) and the inflatable durable nylon body is controlled by a remote which wireless enables the swimmer to move up and down, left and right, in full 360 degree motions mimicking the smooth and realistic motion of a swimming fish – only all the swimming is done by floating in the air!

The Air Swimmer’s remote control requires 3 traditional AAA batteries and the body another one AAA (it’s Christmas, so stock up!) and you will need to find a way to fill the balloon with the required 4.5 cubic feet of helium when the fish starts to flounder – this can usually be sourced from any local party shop. The Air Swimmer is designed for indoor use only, purely because outdoor use could lead to your fishy flying friend swimming out of range, meaning it’ll disappear into the clouds!

But there’s still plenty of fun to be had indoors and around the home, with a generous 40 foot range Air Swimmers are a really magical toys and can ignite the inspirations of both kids and adults alike. As the promotional video shows the Clown Fish Air Swimmer can be used to wow an audience at a children’s party or the shark can give a ‘Jaws’-style fright to an unsuspecting pal! We’d love one of these as an office pet and sure they would set imaginations swimming in our reader’s homes!

Air Swimmers are now available from a number of UK retailers including online store Amazon and costing around £40.


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