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Canadian contest outs names of future Samsung and Nokia Windows Phones

Microsoft may have dropped a clanger, by letting the names of some upcoming Window Phone 7.5 host names appear in a Canadian competition.

Names such as Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, Nokia Sabre and the previously exposed Nokia Sea-Ray pop up in the online contest rules and were spotted by scrutinising tech aficionados and recognised to be the rumoured traits of some of the future ‘Mango’ mobile handsets. Particularly the Nokia Sabre which matches up on details previously leaked of an unnamed WP7.5 model sporting 3.7” touchscreen and MicroSIM.

The contest involves submitting apps to the Window Phone Store. The apps must meet criteria as set out in the rules and only 300 budding developers may apply. The prize is a Windows Phone of Microsoft’s ‘choosing’ from the aforementioned range with “Wireless carrier and wireless service not included”. The model names given would reveal the titles of both Nokia handsets we’ve discovered are incoming – and also a couple previously unknown offerings from Sammy.

The Windows Phone 7.5 update – codenamed ‘Mango’ – was released publically a couple days ago and tech manufacturers are concentrating on optimising their gadgets to cater for the stylish new interface and social integration and all the other goodies that can be obtained on any compatible device running the existing Window Phone operating software. The Gadget Helpline will help you grab the new OS in our article – Here.

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