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Fujifilm announces retro looking X10 camera

Retro designed cameras seem to be the cool thing to have at the moment; so not wanting to miss an opportunity, Fujifilm have announced their new retro looking X10 for all those cool kids out there.

Well, in fact, Fujifilm are not new to the retro designed camera; as you may remember, the company released the fairly expensive X100 retro looking camera a while back, and although expensive it seemed to be a big hit with photography fans – no doubt down to the fact that it can take fantastic photographs (but at £900 you would’nt expect anything less really I suppose).

Anyway, moving back to the X10; it’s quite possible that the newly announced camera from Fujifilm is perhaps a cheaper alternative to the limited and pricey X100, although on the other hand it might be the successor. It features a 12MP sensor along with an optical viewfinder and a super quick f/2-2.8 28-112 manual zoom lens with Fujifilm’s proprietary “Electron Bean Coating” which promises excellent image quality. The camera also has ISO up to 12,800 for those low lit scenes, it can also record 1080p video and has 10 fps continuous shooting ( 7 fps at full resolution).

Advanced photographers will no doubt appriciate the various manual shooting modes available on the X10, giving you full control allowing you to capture some very visually appealing images.

Unfortunately, we havn’t got any information about pricing at the moment, although hopefully Fujifilm will be able to update us on that before the camera scheduled release in early November.

Let us know your thoughts on the X10, are you a fan of the retro looking camera? You can leave your comments below, or tweet us if you prefer @Gadget_Helpline.

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