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Flash Not Quite Dead On Android Yet

Flash mobile may well be on its deathbed but it is not going to go out without one final slice of cake.

With the Galaxy Nexus and running ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a host of older devices getting a port of Androids new OS, Flash have decided that HTML5 is not quite mature enough to take over from Flash mobile just yet on Google’s New OS.

So what they are going to do is release a flash Mobile update by years end that will bring Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich support for Flash Mobile.

This decision is a relief, the majority of web content such as videos and games use Flash, yes the mobile version may not be fantastic but it does still allow you to get the same functionality on a Tablet browser for example that you could get on a computer browser.  Without Flash mobile, people who are looking at upgrading to an ICS handset would loose out on a feature of the internet, that we take for granted. Well at least until HTML5 catches up to speed.

Once that happens there will be almost no need for flash, this another reason that Adobe are looking at pushing mobile HTML% on mobile devices rather than Flash, and are looking at bringing a similar app for HTML5 as they do for Flash player.

Even then this still might not be the end of Flash on Mobile devices, Mozilla have full intentions of implementing flash directly into their android browser, hoping to use this as a way of keeping a consumer base, it has already been implemented in the most recent version of Firefox for mobile, and I have to say the results are not great.  The reason Adobe are dropping Flash mobile is that it is a notoriously hard plugin to get running natively on a mobile device never mind through a browser. However maybe Mozilla are onto a good thing and will find a way to implement flash better

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