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FIFA ’12 Update Removes Bugs and Ultimate Team Exploits

EA have announced recently that they’re committed to regularly updating this year’s FIFA game, FIFA 12, with a new patch arriving in the coming weeks. Prior to the update EA are also taking steps to eliminate bugs and exploits online and offline, especially those concerning the game’s Ultimate Team feature.

“The general message is we’re looking at all of this stuff and we’re going to be fixing them very, very soon,” said FIFA 12 community manager Romily Broad “Things are different with FIFA 12. The first patch for the console is going to be coming out within days, like maybe 14 or 21 of them. Two or three weeks from now the first patch will happen and that’s going to make big corrections to some of the things that are bothering people the most.”

The Ultimate Team feature has caused many controversial problems for gamers playing FIFA 12, with reports of the feature crashing the game over all platforms and causing exploitable bugs in the game. EA intend to bring in a fixer for these issues, explaining that the Ultimate Team mode was a priority for the game’s ongoing support. Broad did also explain that the feature’s player limit had been intentionally capped by EA, causing some users to be unable to connect, as a temporary measure to combat crashes, as a direct result of the staggering popularity of FIFA 12 on release.

The PC version is also full of exploits currently, with a patch to fix an exploit that allows players to constantly control the keeper, allowing the AI to play the rest of the game for them in Head to Head Seasons matches. “People seem to be exploiting this,” Broad said. “If they’re not very good at defending they can use this to get an unfair advantage.” Fair enough.

The patch will arrive in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to your online service for the next download.

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