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Fancy new HTC Sense UI for Windows Phone 7 video leaked

Now, before I get your hopes up, it’s possible that this could be a fake – personally though, if that was the case, whoever has gone to the effort to make this must have had a lot of time on their hands, as you will see if you watch the video below.

Interestingly, Microsoft have decided not to allow modifications to the UI within Windows Phone 7,  however it would seem that HTC has taken little notice of that and gone ahead and make something which is quite visual to say the least.

For you that are familiar with the HTC Sense UI, you’ll see some recognisable widgets, such as the one for the weather – however now with the addition of 3D animations.

I don’t think you can deny, if this is the genuine HTC Sense UI for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, HTC have certainly put a lot of time and effort for some eye candy, but are you really bothered about the visual aspects of the UI? I recon it will become a bit boring and tedious after a while. Being that HTC are ‘Quietly Brilliant’ I’m sure they have included a way to turn it off though, if necessary.

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