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“Fake” Apple Store open for business in China

It’s no secret that China is infamous for suspiciously illegitimate offerings when it comes to technology, with Apple’s inventory being on top of the knock-offs list due to the popularity and demand amongst gadget fans. But we’ve never seen anything quite like this..

It seems there’s a company in Kunming, China that is actually ripping off the entire Apple Store! From front door to back wall, this store replicates the familiar Apple décor and presentation and it only took an eagle-eyed Apple aficionado to spot the giveaways.

To the eyesight of the average Joe Public, this is a genuine Church of Jobs. But the suspect store was identified by the clued-up customer due to some lackluster paintwork, and stairway detailing which were not on par with the quality Apple brings to their official stores – Not forgetting, all the advertising hanging from the walls which promote all of last season’s Apple goodies, not the up-to-date tech that was being hocked within the store (which is genuine, as far as we know).

This impressive faux-job is even convincing enough that the staff actually believe that they are working for Apple, wearing naive smiles and t-shirts emblazoned with religious fruity symbolism – also replica of the real deal!

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And that’s not all, Apple-bobbers! Mac OS X Lion is up for grabs TODAY!

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