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Facebook and Warner Bros. expands movie rental title list

A few weeks ago movie studio Warner Bros. has announced that it would be teaming up with Facebook to provide movies on demand via the social networking site and finally finding a valuable use for those pesky Facebook Credits.

Well Warner Bros. must be thinking the trial is going well as it is now it is expanding the rental options to five more blockbuster movies.

Watch Inception on Facebook...

Facebookers can now access blockbusters such as Inception, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets then family favourite Yogi Bear and finally Rom-Com Life as We Know It.

Warner Bros. released a press release stating the increased line-up but currently no pricing for the movies but going on the price of the Dark Knight it should be priced at around 30 Facebook Credits.

In the UK Facebook credits work out at roughly £3.12 for 50 credits so a 30 credit movie will be coming in around the £2 mark, but the trial is strictly US only at the moment with no news on a European or UK trial.

Users will be able to live stream and access the paid for content for 48 hours and will be able to continue updating your friends on your thoughts and looking through the night before’s pictures whilst watching a (Good?) movie.

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