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Facebook Messenger to be removed from the Facebook App

Facebook’s need to forever clutter your mobile screen is becoming more prevalent with the planned removal of the private messaging facility from the Facebook App. So that you can continue sending messages you will be forced to download the separate Messenger app and should you chose to click the message button in the main Facebook app you will be redirected to the separate Messenger app. Why oh why Facebook do you insist on making our phones more cluttered?

It seems the only solutions available to avoid Mark Zuckerberg unnecessarily cluttering of your phone screens is by owning a low spec Android device as their limited memory won’t handle the separate messenger.

Alternatively, use a Windows phone or just stick with Paper… No, I’m not suggesting giving up entirely and resorting to the parchment of generations passed, I am in fact suggesting using the news app entitled Paper as it will continue to operate the messaging facility for the foreseeable future – at least until messenger becomes available for tablets.

I understand that the communicating via the Messenger app is a quicker and more functional experience than using the facility in the main app but Facebook separating all its functions into separate apps all seems rather pointless to me and an unnecessary expense on their part that does not improve user experience.

The only plus side I can see is that by decreasing the size of the main Facebook app it should improve loading times and decrease unwanted data usage, but surely that’s is what WhatsApp is for? And let us not forget that Team Zuckerberg owns that too.

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