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Facebook launches Facebook Messenger for your iOS or Android device

Facebook has launched a group messenger app for Android and iPhone called “Messenger”.

Messenger will let you chat with your Facebook friends, create group chats and share photos, videos and locations. The app isn’t in any way tied in with Facebook chat though, as we initially thought.

Facebook Messenger is based on a messaging client called Beluga, which the social network acquired earlier this year. The social networking site may be hoping that the new app will be seen as a replacement for the old SMS message, and at the same time be an alternative to Apple’s new iMessage service which is due to launch with iOS 5.

The app will allow Facebook users to easily send instant messages to their friends, as well as being able to send messages to groups and anyone else in their mobile contact list.

Facebook Messenger also comes with a range of location services, as well as the ability to easily share pictures with friends as well.

Push notifications are not implemented in the Facebook Messenger app, meaning that unlike BBM, Whatsapp and most IM apps, you won’t get a vibrate, tone or icon to indicate when you receive a message – a strange omission from a chat app, but we’re hoping Facebook add it in soon.

If you fancy giving the new app a go, it’s available to download now for both Android and iOS devices from the Android Market and App Store respectively. If you do, don’t forget to leave us your thoughts on the app below in the comments section or tweet us @Gadget_Helpline.

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