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Facebook Introduces Reactions as ‘More Expressive Like Button’

Last month, after much deliberation, Facebook entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg announced that it would soon be possible to express an alternative response to liking a post on the social network. Many, ourselves included, got a little over-excited and presumed this meant the fabled Dislike button would soon be arriving.

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It was quickly clarified that this wasn’t exactly what he meant and the dislike button was once again given the thumbs down. But Facebook has now revealed all and has begun trialling a new set of Reactions as a ‘more expressive like button’ – because ‘not every moment is a good moment’.

For those who are privy to the Facebook testing, which is currently happening in Ireland and Spain, Reactions can be activated on the app or browser version by pressing and holding or hovering over the Like button. As well as the Like option, users will be offered a choice of emoji style icons that can be used instead to express a range of thoughts and feelings including – Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry.

It’s a nice idea to open the breadth of expressions available but maybe the use of ‘smileys’ is still a bit too comical in situations where a gesture of sincere grief is required. This may be something that is addressed before a full roll out.

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It wasn’t so long ago that Facebook introduced the possibility of adding stickers to comments, some of which kind of do the same thing, but these new Reactions will officially tally up beneath the Facebook friend’s post (just as Likes currently do) with a total count of how many times one of the emoji faces has been used in response what’s been posted. With a greater range of opinions now available expect notifications to blow up with instant gratification in no time (and hopefully never any need for empathy.)

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