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Facebook by numbers and pictures!

Music to the masses?

Here is a cool little infograpghic on Facebook and its internet dominating Stats!

Stats keepers www.website-monitoring.com have made this very impressive infographic that details some of the key facts from the average Facebook users, including the fact that the Average FB user has 130 friends and the same Average user will also send 8 Friend requests a month!

Other mind-blowing facts such as: Facebook has 3 BILLION pictures uploaded to the site each month and more scarily the website has 5.3 billion fan pages created..!

And in a bit of Random Pub Trivia: Did you know that Vin Diesel is has 5th most fans on the whole of Facebook with a whopping 7,699,379 Fans, that’s 2 million more than Lady GaGa but still only a fraction less than Barack Obama!

The stats sheet is pretty cool and you will surely be able to dazzle your mates, work colleagues or even just a stranger on the street with some of its info.

Click the image below to see more:

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