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Facebook Android App Gets Updated, Has New Look Just Like iPhone

You may remember that back in October, Facebook unveiled its official app for the iPad. At the same time it also launched an update for the extremely popular iPhone app , which included a completely overhauled UI.

The improvements to the iPhone app included persistent messages as well as notifications on the top of the screen. Also included was a nav bar that was accessible from nearly anywhere within the app itself – a very useful feature, which now meant that you didn’t have to keep jumping back to the main menu in order to access Messages, or Events for example.

Since Facebook launched the new revived version for iPhone users, it was wondered if the new update would ever make its way to the Android OS. Well, good news, Facebook has just announced that the Facebook App for Android update is on its way, with all the same features that iPhone users currently enjoy.

According to Facebook’s Blog, if you’re an Android user and already have Facebook installed, you should be offered to update automatically. If however, you’re new to Facebook Android app, or can’t wait for the automatic update, you can head over to the Android Market where it’s available to download now.

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